Date Vinegar dressing for Salad

Date Vinegar: Deliciously Sour to the Last Drop

18.09.20 /

Have a recipe calling for a splash of vinegar? Before reaching for your good old, trusty bottle of white, cider or balsamic vinegar, why not step it up a flavourful notch and use #DateVinegar from #SaffronAndMore instead? This Persian liquid gold is not your ordinary condiment. Made from four kinds of dates from Iran, it packs well-balanced and scintillating sweet and sour notes and aroma up to the very last drop. Make your grilled chicken, marinade seafood make them extra special and extra delicious. Substitute balsamic vinegar in your go-to salad 🥗 dressing recipe and watch it get tastily transformed with the addition of intricate caramel and malt flavours. Trying to lose weight? Add two tablespoons of date vinegar to a glass of water 🥃 and drink it every morning for an all-natural slimming tonic. A bottle goes a long way in terms of use and flavour! Make sure to add one to your pantry today! 

Date Vinegar

Parya Zaghand

While I think of myself as an Aussie, I’m also proud as punch of my Iranian heritage. So much so, in 2013, I created a business built around the mouth-watering delicacies of Persia; bringing you flavours of the real Iran. I wanted to create a space at the table for the golden-petaled spice: Persian Saffron.