Photos Of Iran’s Street Fashion That Will Destroy Your Stereotypes

16.10.19 /

Can the center of love and beauty be ever silenced? Shahriyar

To deny the stereotype that women wearing a hijab are weak and unhappy and the fact that we get questions on a daily basis around if women wear Burqa on the streets of Tehran (and ride camels) or not we have put in here some of Iranian women street fashion photos, depicting them wearing hijabs proudly and simply looking incredible. Most of them come from a Muslim fashion blog called “The Tehran Times”, the first street style blog from Tehran, Iran aimed at showing the creativity, style and high fashion of young Iranian women.

The Pink Mosque_Shiraz_The city of Hafez

Iran should be on your bucket list for sure

if you decided to visit the magical place make sure you take fun colourful clothes matching the architecture and nature of the place and take heaps of fabulous shots interacting with the locals; they love it! A long cardigan, loose long pants or skirts, jeans and colourful long scarves is what you need; definitely no Burqa or veil!

Make sure you check out the other inspiration content that we have on the web site picturing a true image of what Iran is like; Check out the instgram page ‘Feeliran’ for an outfit inspiration and be prepared for a blown mind!

February the first is now celebrated for World Hijab Day. It was first acknowledged in 2013 in order to educate the world on what wearing a hijab stands for. More importantly, this day is celebrated in the aim of protecting the right of an individual to wear one, neither forcing them nor banning them.

There’s been a lot of controversy regarding hijab law in Iran. The media there is also not helpful of portraying Iranian women as sad and powerless. While in some Muslim religion cases this might be true, it is definitely not the most accurate description of a modern Iranian woman and modest fashion.


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Tehran Times

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Franz Scheurer

Miscellaneous photographers on Tehran Times

Parya Zaghand

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