Orange Blossom Distillate

Orange Blossom Distillate
Orange Blossom Distillate

Extracted from fresh orange blossom flowers, its sophisticated flavour and magic aroma evoke springtime enchantment in the alleyways of the east. Elevate ice cream, make meringues sing and infuse in tea or gin.

Orange Blossom Distillate


This pure Persian tonic will tickle your senses. Elevate ice cream, make meringues sing and infuse in tea or gin.

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  • General


    • Flavour ice cream and puddings
    • Enhance sweet spreads
    • Spritz in face mist or add to bath 
    • Add zest to hand freshener
    • Pour over a bowl of berries
    • Use as a natural room scent
  • Beverage


    • Brighten alcoholic beverages and cocktails
    • Use in mocktails, shakes and smoothies
    • Mix in tea and iced tea
  • Baking


    • Add dimension to desserts
    • Bring an edge to your breads
    • Make pastries pop
    • Pep up pancakes
  • Cooking


    • Give gusto to vegetable salads
    • Make summer salads sing
    • Add citrus to chicken pies
    • Flavour Moroccan chicken tagine
    • Dress up Mediterranean Couscous salad

Fun facts

Orange Blossom is ‘Bahar-Narenj’ in Farsi. ‘Bahar’ means spring, and ‘Narenj’ means citrus – pretty fitting for these five-petal flowers that pop in Springtime.

Historically, across China, India and Persia, the orange blossom embodies purity, innocence and chastity. To symbolise these virtues, these botanical beauties feature on bride's gowns.

A long-known aphrodisiac, orange blossom has a reputation for erotic energy. As a sweet, springtime scent, it’s a perfume and a calming agent when ingested.

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