pink fairy floss

Pink Fairy Floss
Pink Fairy Floss

Pink Fairy Floss goodness that melts in your mouth. Take your drinks and desserts to the next level with this premium and hand-spun floss that is made with natural flavour and colour. Just the right sweetness for your palate.


  • Beverage


    • Level up hot chocolates
    • Sweeten smoothies or shakes
    • Create fancy cocktails and mocktails
  • Garnish


    • Add colour to pancakes
    • Liven up cakes, pastries, puddings and desserts
    • Make an elegant cheese platter
    • Top ice cream scoops
    • Cheer up muesli and yoghurt

Fun facts

Our Pink Fairy Floss is light and fluffy even if it starts out with a toffee-like texture. With constant pulling and stretching on a table, it then turns into irresistible swirly fine threads.

Would you believe that this gently-sweet treat was discovered in 1897 by a dentist?

Yes! Through Dr. William Morrison, and with the help of candy maker, John C. Warton, you can now enjoy this dainty treat.

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