Saffron and Rose Latte

Saffron and Rose Latte

10.09.20 /


From the quaint neighborhood cafes of Paris to the big coffee shop franchises of Melbourne, nothing beats a cup of latte as a pick-me-up. But what if you’re looking for something different, something with a fresh twist? Look no further! Try out this rose latte 🌹 for a refreshing drink. This easy-to-make concoction is happiness in a glass. It’s like looking at a mesmerizing pink sea with rose petals floating around. Its floral note is uplifting and its smooth velvety texture provides joy with every sip. Vegan? Don’t worry, you can use a non-dairy, plant-based milk 🥛 and sweeten it to your own preference. So, break the monotony of your usual java and try this recipe out instead! Find similar recipes on saffronandmore.com.au


Makes 2 cups


  1. Heat the plant/dairy based milk as desired with a shot of water. If you like, you can also add a dash of coconut milk to make the drink even more creamy (and the yellow even brighter).
  2. Add the saffron powder (for Saffron latte)
  3. Add the rose powder (for Rose latte)
  4. Froth with whisk or frother
  5. Garnish with a couple of strands of Saffron (for Saffron latte)
  6. Garnish with some rose petals/rose buds (for Rose latte)
  7. Both drinks can have either of the ingredients (Rose or Saffron powder) mixed in for an
  8. elevated more authentic Persian flavour combo; be adventurous and explore!
  9. Sweeten as desired.

Voilà! Fill into a beautiful glass, sit back and enjoy.

Parya Zaghand

While I think of myself as an Aussie, I’m also proud as punch of my Iranian heritage. So much so, in 2013, I created a business built around the mouth-watering delicacies of Persia; bringing you flavours of the real Iran. I wanted to create a space at the table for the golden-petaled spice: Persian Saffron.