Saffron Citrus Chilli Fish Recipe

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  1. Soak the saffron in the warm water for 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, using a microplane, finely grate the rind of the limes, orange and lemon, then set aside. Peel and segment the fruit over a bowl to catch the juice. Ensure you remove all white pith and membrane as this can make the sauce bitter. Chop the flesh into ½ cm pieces.
  3. Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add the onion and cook for 4­–5 minutes until starting to soften. Add the zucchini, cook for 2 minutes, then stir in the sweet chilli sauce and sugar. Cook, stirring regularly, for 3­­–4 minutes until caramelised. Add the fish stock and saffron with soaking water and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Add the chopped fruit and cook for a further 10–15 minutes until the sauce has reduced and thickened slightly. Season to taste, turn off the heat, cover and set aside.
  4. Meanwhile, mix the grated citrus rind and flour and season well with salt and pepper. Lightly coat the fish in the flour mixture.
  5. Divide the olive oil between 2 large frying pans and place over high heat. Add the fish and cook for 2–3 minutes on each side until golden and just cooked through (timing will depend on the thickness of the fish).
  6. To serve, divide the couscous between serving plates, top with fish and spoon over the saffron citrus sauce. Serve with steamed green beans drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and topped with toasted almonds.

Serves 6

Image credit: Alan Benson

Source:  SBS Feast Magazine

Parya Zaghand

While I think of myself as an Aussie, I’m also proud as punch of my Iranian heritage. So much so, in 2013, I created a business built around the mouth-watering delicacies of Persia; bringing you flavours of the real Iran. I wanted to create a space at the table for the golden-petaled spice: Persian Saffron.