Saffron Powder (ground saffron)

Saffron Powder (ground saffron)


Add this Persian staple to rice, broths and stews, infuse in tea or oil. Grade-A, 100% organic, use for depth, colour, aroma and flavour.

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A standout in your spice cabinet, this gourmet red gold is a staple in every Persian household. Our golden threads grow in the Saffron heartlands of Qaen, in the Khorasan province of northeast Iran. Yielding more than 230 plus tonnes of dry Saffron every year, Iran produces nearly 90% of the world’s supply. Derived from the purple Crocus Sativus flower, which opens for one week a year, each bloom bears just three vivid crimson threads, making it the world’s most valuable substance by weight. Our Saffron is the real thing: grade-A, 100% organic, ground at a low temperature in specific machinery to retain the same dark red color;  pure powder saves time and labour with no waste in the pestle and mortar. With the highest quality aroma and colouring strength, add it to everything; from rice to tea to infusing in your frying oil. Lift your broths or stews and find out why Persian chefs and Mums can’t live without it.

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