Rose Petals

These pink Persian Rose Petals are handpicked in the fields of Kashan: the Rose capital of Iran. Known as Gol-e-Mohammadi in Farsi, they’re blooming lovely, packing a punch of pink colour, aroma, flavour and texture. Put in sweet and savoury dishes or add a floral garnish. Place in champagne, cocktails, or rock a Persian latte. Jazz-up jams, porridge and rice pudding, infuse in honey and tea or add pop to a cheese platter or wedding cakes. Handpicked, totally natural and pesticide free, this is the foodie’s flower.


How to Make the Most of Your Rose Petals this Summer:

Your Rose Petals are all-natural and may react to changes in light, temperature and humidity this summer.

Keep your Rose Petals in a cold and dark place.

Avoid areas that get harsh light and ensure that you close the lid tightly to avoid air exposure to preserve your edible roses’ flavour, colour and aroma.

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