Rainbow Starter Kit

Rainbow Starter Kit


Open the gastronomic gateway of amazing Persian flavours for your diners and customers with Saffron & More’s Rainbow Starter Pack.



A delicious journey begins here!

Open the gastronomic gateway of amazing Persian flavours for your diners and customers with Saffron & More’s Rainbow Starter Pack:

• 500g Persian Dried Rose Petals

• 1kg Slivered Pistachios

• Pack of 12 Persian Fairy Floss (6 Vanilla + 6 Strawberry)

• 1kg Dried Barberry

• 5g Saffron Threads or Powder

BONUS: Saffron & More’s Book of Persian Flavours (a special catalogue with inspirational ideas, history, flavour pairings and various applications around these rainbow range of ingredients)

Total retail value of $440, yours at a special discounted/bundled price of $295.

For a specially discounted bundle price exclusive for our VIP customers and first-time buyers.



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What makes this bundle sumptuously special?

Imagine you’re shopping with us in the spice markets of Isfahan or Tehran and you asked, “What are the must-haves here?”

We’re going to suggest these EXACT five delicacies.

If you’ve been wanting to expand your culinary repertoire with Persian flavours, this is a delicious start.

With these premium and well-curated ingredients, you can recreate classic Iranian dishes in your kitchen or put a Persian flair to your own signature recipes.

The special booklet you receive includes inspirational ideas around various applications and flavour pairings of these ingredients, their history and how they are traditionally used in Persian kitchens and in the creations of emerging culinary creators and chefs in the food scene across Australia.


Rose Petals

Persian Flavours in Full Bloom!

They pack a punch of colour, mesmerising floral aroma, flavour and texture.

An Ingredient for a Bouquet of Culinary Possibilities

Use these beautiful organic rose petals as a garnish on any food or spread. Magical with salads, cheese platters, pastries, cakes, pancakes, cocktails, mocktails, champagne, teas and dairy/non-dairy milk-based drinks.

Pair it with strawberries, pomegranate, barberries, Saffron and Pistachio.

Saffron and Rose have been an inseparable combo in traditional Persian cooking from Rice puddings (Shole Zard) to Cupcakes (Cake Yazdi) to Halva and in the tomato-based stews.


Barberry (aka Zereshk)

The Red Jewels of Persian Cuisine!

Every red gem is an explosive mix of flavours — tarty, citrusy, zesty and sour. Their lemony, currant-like taste can be used in any dish that needs a tangy kick of flavour and colour.

Raise the Bar with Barberries

Let these red rubies dance on your salads, rice (see how we use them in Persian rice), yoghurt, granola or muesli breakfast bowls, and many more. When soaked in liquids, barberries plump up making them a great ingredient in creating unique cocktails and mocktails. Add to any savoury or sweet recipe that calls for a touch of tang. Use as a substitute for pomegranate and raspberries. A great ingredient to balance fatty main courses and sugary desserts.


Slivered Pistachios

Morsels of Yummy Nuttiness

Handpicked pistachios are sun-dried, colour-sorted and sliced thinly to perfection. So nourishing.

Go Nuts with Delicious Possibilities!

Definitely a favourite among bakers and makers, it can be incorporated into the batter of many cakes and pastries or as a versatile topping to add that distinct pistachio-y taste and radiant green color to any dessert such as ice cream and gelato.

Quick toasting on the pan makes them the yummiest partner to many savoury dishes such as chicken and fish and even a pleasant crunchy addition to grains such as couscous, rice and pilafs.


Saffron Threads

Discover Iran’s Red Gold Spice

Not all saffrons are created equal and our saffron threads are a cut above the rest — grade-A, 100% organic, pure threads with the highest quality aroma and colouring strength.

A Transformative Spice Like No Other

If you are looking for something to jazz up your jelly or jam, finding your pancakes or waffles a bit boring and or simply wanting to cheer up your cocktails and soups next time, just add a tiny pinch of saffron threads and Voilà! Experience a different taste each time – It adds a unique level of savoury, earthy, floral and mushroomy flavour to your recipe – your palate will surely have a unique experience with the magic of this fascinating spice.


Fairy Floss

A Hand-Spun Cloud of Sweetness

Our most popular product in the cafe & bar scene! Premium quality and hand-spun, our Persian Fairy Floss is a melt-in-your-mouth favourite. Known as ‘Pashmak,’ this fluffy delicacy is not too sweet and made with natural flavouring and colouring, unlike its carnival cotton candy cousin.

A Magical Exclamation Mark to Drinks and Desserts

Both our Vanilla and Pink Strawberry Fairy Floss make a striking garnish on a variety of dishes and beverages — from pancakes, cakes and ice cream to cheese platters to hot chocolates, smoothies and shakes. Sweet but not too sweet, it won’t overpower your recipe.

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Your Wonderful Persian Epicurean Journey Begins Here!

Spark creativity in the kitchen and open your world to the exotic world of Persian flavours with Saffron And More’s Rainbow Starter Pack. Can’t wait to take you on a journey with us!

Available in limited quantities and only for a limited time.

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