Sample Kit

Sample Kit


The most magical flavours from all corners of Persia in one captivating culinary collection, Saffron & More’s Sample Rainbow Kit.

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The most magical flavours from all corners of Persia in one captivating culinary collection.

Get Saffron & More’s Complete Rainbow Range of 100% authentic and deliciously exotic Iranian treats and delicacies with the SAMPLE RAINBOW KIT and start creating magic in your kitchen.

Here’s what you’re getting:

From Our Saffron Range:

• Saffron Threads
• Saffron Powder

From Our Edible Flowers Range:

• Rose Petals
• Rose Buds
• Rose Dust (Powder)

From Our Nuts Range:

• Slivered Pistachios
• Pistachio Powder

From Our Dried Fruits Range

• Dried Lime Powder
• Dried Persian Wild Baby Figs
• Dried Lime
• Dried Barberry
• Stuffed Dates

From Our Liquids Range:

• Date Vinegar
• Saffron, Rose, Thyme, Cardamom Teas
• Date Syrup
• Rose Water

All sourced and handpicked from the food capitals of Iran.

Meticulously packed and shipped here in Australia for all culinary creators, makers, manufacturers, chefs, restaurateurs, cafe owners and passionate home cooks who want to explore the best flavours Persia has to offer.

The sample sizes go a long way – create a plethora of delicious meals with a distinct Persian taste.

The Rainbow Sample Kit also gives you the chance to try out, taste and play with all of our expertly curated Persian pantry ingredients, pick which ones spark your culinary adventure and order them in larger quantities when you run out.

This is our gift to you.

Every morsel. Every thread. Every sliver. Every drop. Every speckle.

All of Saffron & More!

To give you magic with every bite.

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Weight 4 kg

Sample Kit