Stuffed Dates Sydney

Stuffed Dates: The Blissful Marriage of Flavours and Texture

11.10.20 /

Love the classic combination of fruit and nut? Then your taste buds will definitely swoon over #SaffronAndMore’s #StuffedDates! Imagine sinking your teeth into sweet, plump and gooey Persian dates then being deliciously greeted with nutty and crunchy Iranian pistachios and almonds. They’re a snacker’s dream as every bite is the perfect marriage of flavours and textures. Pair them with your favourite tea, jazz up cheese platters, or get some Italian-Middle Eastern fusion going by wrapping them in prosciutto. Give breads, scones and pastries a fruity and nutty makeover or blend them into shakes and smoothies for a natural boost of sweetness. Just make sure that you stock up on them because they’re moreish — you can never have just a few!

Stuffed Dates Sydney

Parya Zaghand

While I think of myself as an Aussie, I’m also proud as punch of my Iranian heritage. So much so, in 2013, I created a business built around the mouth-watering delicacies of Persia; bringing you flavours of the real Iran. I wanted to create a space at the table for the golden-petaled spice: Persian Saffron.